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"Simply to know that dialogue is possible... To know that this is not simply an insurmountable problem that one can never hope to overcome, is priceless.  Now I have something I can work with..."
Benefits to non-Aspies (Neurotypicals)
Aspies are inherently less able to adapt to the social world of NTs, because they do not experience the non-verbal ‘mindreading’, intuitive, empathic, intersubjective world that is the basis of the NT social experience.
This course gives NTs, particularly friends, family, teachers, employers and counsellors the insight to create a relational space where Aspies can feel safe and welcome, where they can develop and contribute, and diversity can be effectively accommodated and eventually celebrated.
As an NT, you are uniquely qualified to demonstrate that this welcome is possible and available in the wider world.  It is, sadly, a widely held belief among Aspies, that NTs are either unable to understand the experience of Aspies, or are for some reason, unwilling.  The reality is that, without a common language, real understanding has been practically impossible.  

For over 50 years TA has provided an accessible social psychology that has found professional application in organisational development, education, personal development and psychotherapy.  The ‘standard’ TA101 workshop has been an enlightening and empowering experience, frequently transformative, for many people across those years.  Now we have added the equivalent material to allow neurotypicals (NTs) to understand the personality, relational needs and communication style of Aspies.  The common language is now available to everyone who wishes to learn.
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