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What is Transactional Analysis (TA)?


TA is a way of inquiring into what goes on between people and inside people to help them make changes. It has continued to grow and develop ever since its inception by the Canadian-American psychiatrist Dr Eric Berne over a half century ago. TA incorporates interlinking models for Motivation, Personality and Communication that make it very helpful in understanding individuals' nature and interactions, particularly in social settings.

It has proven itself to be an extremely useful model for human-relations professionals working in a variety of contexts and fields, such as psychotherapy, coaching and counselling, management and organisational development, or parenting and education as well as to non-professional who want to enhance their relational skills and the quality of their relationships. TA combines a highly accessible theory on the development of people and systems with a highly practical approach, centred on the possibilities of change, growth and development. 

Areas of application of TA

What we bring to this established model, is the extension of theory and practice to include neurodiversity; we have models to translate between the NT world and the Aspie world. For the first time Aspies have the language to communicate their experiences and needs to the NTs closest to them; and Aspies can understand the thoughts and feelings and ‘autopilot’ responses behind NT behaviours.

We create a genuine dialog, we teach NTs how to hold a relational space where Aspies can flourish, and we give Aspies the tools, not to fit into an alien world, to sacrifice their individuality to please others; but the tools to navigate that world to get outcomes that they want, to express their individuality in a way that NTs can accept and support. 

We use diagrams and pictures to explain the theories...

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