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Benefits to Aspies
The vast majority of the difficulties experienced by Aspies in everyday life are generated not by the condition itself, but by their interactions with the neurotypical majority.  Sensory issues are tangible and relatively easily explained and dealt with.  Communication difficulties between Aspies and neurotypicals are generally much less well understood, and it is misunderstandings in social interactions that are often the cause of tremendous anxiety.  It can negatively effect all aspect of life for an Aspie: in school, in the workplace, in family life, in public and in relationships. These workshops make it possible to learn about how these interactions work, for Aspies and for NTs and how to navigate them more successfully.
Many people with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, or awareness that they manifest some of the traits of Asperger’s, have little understanding of the neurobiological basis of their different experience of the world compared to the majority, Neurotypical (NT) population.
The workshops are a real opportunity for personal development and are designed to be useful to Aspies and the NTs who wish to become skilled in creating relationships and working environments in which Aspies can thrive; to the benefit of all.   In the first workshop, Asperger’s is presented in terms of difference in the experience of external (objective) reality, internal (subjective) reality, and interpersonal (intersubjective) reality. You need not worry about 'difficult psychological terminology'... Everything is explained and you can ask for clarification at any point. Our Aspie co-presenters are there to help reframe difficult ideas and help deconstruct experiences and perspectives... Not only will your experiences be understandable but you will also be able to explain to other, neurotypical, people how to adapt, so as to create less stressful, more productive interactions.
In the remaining workshops you will learn how to ‘read’ neurotypicals and handle relationships more skilfully – how to navigate in the NT world to get better outcomes. We reframe Asperger’s in terms of diversity rather than a medical condition. 
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