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"I can easily adapt my professional skills to whatever is needed... I am very hard working and highly skilled, so it's very disappointing that I am often 'pipped at the post' at interviews and told it was a matter of 'fit', or that my lack of promotion was due to 'not being proactive enough'.

Benefits to Employers

People with Asperger's can bring great benefits to employers – they offer hard-working, logically-based, intelligent workers, with great attention to detail and a passion for high quality. For example, the technically creative environment of Silicon Valley greatly benefits from the skills of Aspies, and historically Aspies are known to have been very effective both in artistic and scientific endeavours. The Different Engine supports Aspies from all types of professional background and at every level to integrate into the workplace.  We offer continuous support by coaching Aspies, already in employment, on improving professional communication and resolving issues arising from perceptual differences.

The service is designed to enable both organisations and individuals with Asperger's to flourish, and to create an environment that recognises the full potential of the person with Asperger's. We consider understanding difference to be integral to the successful integration of Aspies, and therefore, a relational issue where both the Aspie and his or her colleagues contribute to the relationship. By dealing with the complete picture, solutions can be developed so that everyone is effectively welcomed and all are protected. When challenges arise, we apply the approach of organisational TA to work through such challenges safely, reach mutually agreed ways forward, to maximise effectiveness in the future.

Significant goodwill already exists in many organisations, and this goodwill motivates organisations to gain insight and skill in working with Aspies. The workplace is typically an environment where everyone, including those on the autistic spectrum, are expected to adjust to fit in to the local culture – including to unwritten social rules. The Aspie is typically happy to adjust, but the expectation ‘to just fit in’ is only reasonable where the employee is able to identify the need and read implicit social messages.

TA has at its core the concept that “I’m OK and You’re OK”, and we have reframed our values around neurodiversity to include:

  • It is fine for you to be who you are;

    • I will give you the right and space for you to be you,

    • provided you give me the same right and same space for me to be me.

  • Difference is interesting, not a threat; 

    • Different perspectives provide more options, therefore offering more resourcefulness and resilience.

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