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"It was an amazing experience - to see the beginnings of dialogue... understanding as both groups learned the language of TA together"

Life that Includes Asperger's:

Creating a Dialogue between two Different Kinds of Mind

Workshop 1:  Understanding two different kinds of mind.
1.    Introduction
2.    What is Asperger’s Syndrome? What does it mean to ‘be an Aspie?’

       a.    The Medical Perspective.
       b.    Different Perspectives:
               i.    The psychology of Asperger’s
                     1.    Detail vs Context
                     2.    Mindblindness
                     3.    Empathising – Systemising
       c.    Reconceptualising Asperger’s: A different kind of Mind
3.    Other aspects to take into account.
       a.    Sensory sensitivities and perceptual issues.
       b.    Literal perception.
       c.    Dysregulation
       d.    Meltdowns and shutdowns.

Workshop 2.  How the Mind and Personality Are Related.
1.    Introduction
2.    TA models of the structure of personality; for NTs and for Aspies
       a.    The Classical Ego-state model of Eric Berne.
       b.    Adapting TA models of the structure of personality; for NTs and for Aspies.
       c.    TA models that provide other perspectives
       d.    A TA model that captures Mindsight and Mindblindness

Workshop 3.   Social Interaction and Levels of Communication.
1.    Introduction
2.    A short review of the TA models of the structure of personality.
3.    TA theory of communication: the analysis of transactions.
4.    Transactions between two experiential worlds.
5.    The consequences of mindblindness: how to avoid them.

Workshop 4.  Taking the Drama Out of Relationships.
1.    Introduction
2.    Human psychological needs.
3.    Basic needs depend on the type of mind.
4.    Time structure: and thinking about how we make friends
5.    An introduction to Games..

Workshop 5.  How the Mind and Personality Develop: The impact of trauma.
1.    Introduction
2.    Ties to the past: human memory.
3.    Theory of development: How we come to be the way we are.
4.    Transference and discounts
5.    Challenging discounts: tools to create safety in relationships.
6.    Rackets and Games.
7.    How to stop Games; & a survival tool for Aspies..
8.    A theory of life patterns: Scripts.
9.    Understanding ourselves: the script system, a tool for awareness and growth.

Workshop 6.            Life that Includes Asperger’s.
1.    Introduction
2.    TA Concepts and tools that Aspies have adapted and use: and now share.
3.    Group process.

The information above is provided to allow those attending to have some insight into the content of the presentations.
These workshops are continuously updated and developed, in order to be as useful as possible.
The content delivered on a particular weekend may therefore have been developed and adapted and not follow exactly the descriptions above.

It is useful, though not essential for NTs to have already attended a TA101.


The Community Centre,

Rear of Eden Grove Methodist Church,

Eden Grove,





Car parking at the front.


Workshops will take place from 9.30am – 5.00pm


Cost £160.00 per weekend: (*Concessions available)

£80 non-returnable deposit. £600 for the series if paid in advance.


For bookings / enquires, please either download the booking form  or email:


(Tea and herbal teas available. 

Bring a packed lunch or use local facilities)

*ConcessionsWe ask delegates to make a contribution towards the workshop fee if they can. (We appreciate those on the spectrum may have limited resources.) If you have difficulties, please consider a sum and choose an amount that reflects that you will be getting a professional service, but please contact Peter before considering cost as a reason for not  attending.  We look to the income from people that can afford the professional rate to cover our costs and in effect, subsidise those who cannot afford that rate, and it works.

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