"It was an amazing experience - to see the beginnings of dialogue... understanding as both groups learned the language of TA together"

Life that Includes Asperger's:

Creating a Dialogue between two Different Kinds of Mind

Workshop 1: Understanding two different kinds of mind:

1. Another way to think about and understand Asperger's

2. Why Transactional Analysis (TA) is the 'missing piece'.

Workshop 2: How the mind and personality are related.

1. The TA model of personality, expanded to model Aspie

personality structure as well as Neurotypical.

2. Modelling mindblindness.

Workshop 3: Social Interaction and levels of communication.


1. The Analysis of Transactions between two realities.

2. The world an Aspie experiences and the world an NT experiences.

Workshop 4: Taking the drama out of relationships.


1. The TA theory of psychological Games.

2. NTs experience Aspies as 'playing Games': Aspies can't play Games.

3. How to avoid painful outcomes.

Workshop 5: Theory of Life Scripts.


1. Unconscious patterns of relating based on unconscious memories.

2. Different kinds of minds; different kinds of Scripts.

3. Relationships that heal.

*ConcessionsWe ask delegates to make a contribution towards the workshop fee if they can. (We appreciate those on the spectrum may have limited resources.) If you have difficulties, please consider a sum and choose an amount that reflects that you will be getting a professional service, but please contact Peter before considering cost as a reason for not  attending.  We look to the income from people that can afford the professional rate to cover our costs and in effect, subsidise those who cannot afford that rate, and it works.

It is useful, though not essential for NTs to have already attended a TA101.


The Community Centre,

Rear of Eden Grove Methodist Church,

Eden Grove,





Car parking at the front.


Workshops will take place from 9.30am – 5.00pm


Cost £160.00 per weekend: (*Concessions available)

£80 non-returnable deposit. £600 for the series if paid in advance.


For bookings / enquires, please either download the booking form  or email:



(Tea and herbal teas available. 

Bring a packed lunch or use local facilities)

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