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"...what I actually experienced was far richer than I could have imagined. The Aspie presenters and attendees were extremely open about their experience of the world and their interactions with NTs..."

Counsellors - Developing Competence
The Aspie TA workshops are delivered through Peter’s private practice but, 
as a registered trainer, his training qualifies at Level 7 and can be accounted towards qualifications in UKCP or EATA. It is intended that the series is repeated, so you can ‘collect the set’ over more than one year.
Attendance for Professional Development: Attendance certificates can be provided that are recognised by BACP and UKCP. 

Attendance at the complete course will register a practitioner in Help! Counselling or in Accredited/ Certified practice as “Aspie Competent” and they can receive referrals within or from Help! Counselling; or from Making Changes or Contact Point, subject to supervision by an approved supervisor.

With 100 hours of supervised practice and a they can be issued a Contact Point Post Qualifying/ Post Graduate Diploma of Competency in Asperger’s-Adapted Psychotherapy and be listed on the Different Engine  website.
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