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Our Values

The work of The Different Engine is guided by the fundamental principles of Transactional Analysis:

  1. I’m OK, you’re OK – people are OK.

  2. Every person has worth and value, whatever their behaviour.

  3. Everybody can think. 

  4. Everybody can make decisions, and can change those decisions.​

The principle that 'People are OK' means that
 whatever we do or say, there is an essential core self that has value, dignity   and worth.  This core self has the potential and desire for growth and relationship. This is a profound stance.  What it says is: “It is fine for you to be who you are; and I will give you the right and space for you to be you; provided you give me the same right and the same space for me to be me."

Difference is:

  • Interesting, not a threat;

  • More perspectives and options, so offers more resourcefulness and resilience;

  • An invitation to deepen and develop my humanity.

We profoundly affirm this – it is the basis for seeking Aspie-NT dialogue.

'Everybody can think' means that, we have that ability to learn and to understand. In TA we have developed and use models and tools that empower people to transform the way they experience their relationships and empower them to make changes: decisions that we made about ourselves and the world as we have experienced it, can, and should, be changed at the conscious and unconscious level, when we have new information. Our expectations and responses to life situations are based on a series of conclusions that we have constructed, mostly in our childhood and adolescence. We recognise, and can account for the fact that NT's and Aspies perceive, think and decide in profoundly different ways...
'Decisions can be changed' means that nothing is set in stone. We believe our workshops to be transformative, and as so, they empower people to change the patterns in their lives and the outcomes that they experience in ways that may surprise them.

The following pages detail the workshops we offer to educate and to empower NTs and Aspies; other support services; and how different groups of people may benefit from what we offer.

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