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For over 50 years TA has provided an accessible social psychology that has found professional application in organisational development, education, personal development and psychotherapy.  The ‘standard’ TA101 workshop has been an enlightening and empowering experience, frequently transformative, for many people across those years.  Now we have added the equivalent material to allow neurotypicals (NTs) to understand the personality, relational needs and communication style of Aspies.


During 2016 and 2017 a series of workshops entitled 'Aspie TA101' were run by Peter Flowerdew and two Aspie Co-presenters Richard Hall and Chris Russell. The impact of the information and the experience on Aspies and on the parents, friends and partners of Aspies was life transforming.


The material developed as a result has been presented at two consecutive annual National Conferences of the UK Association for Transitional Analysis (UKATA) and the 2017 European Summer School of the European Association or Transactional Analysis EATA) as well as serialised the quarterly magazine of UKATA, The Transactional Analyst. Workshops have also been presented to counselling organisations and to a teacher’s conference.

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