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Imagine if everyone could understand your Asperger's mind... no misunderstanding, no having to explain yourself, no anxiety about having to fit in, no fear of judgement. Imagine being accepted... by your colleagues... by your friends... by your family.   Imagine the freedom to be yourself...
Imagine being able to to step inside the world of the Asperger's mind. Finally being able to understand your spouse's frustrations, fears and idiosyncratic behaviour. Imagine being able to truly understand your child's anxiety and strengths and help them develop real friendships. Imagine unlocking the vast untapped potential of your Asperger's employees...
We have a solution.

We use several general terms and abbreviations on this site:

TA:  Transactional Analysis.

NT: Neurotypical (anyone who is not, or does not identify as being, autistic or on the autistic spectrum).

Aspie:  Although this is an abbreviation of Asperger's, (Asperger's Syndrome) we use it here to include any individuals who have a diagnosis of Asperger's, or identify as having traits of Asperger's, high functioning autism or similar characteristics or neurology.  

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